Lewis & Clark Wildlife-Habitat Discovery
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Historic Wildlife-Habitat Types
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ODF Forest Maps (Species) (Structure) (Size) (Crown Closure)
   Mesic Lowland Conifer-Hardwood Forest
   Westside Oak and Dry Douglas-fir Forest & Woodlands
   Southwest Oregon Mixed Conifer-Hardwood Forest
   Montane Mixed Conifer Forest
   Interior Mixed Conifer Forest
   Lodgepole Pine Forest & Woodlands
   Ponderosa Pine and Interior Oak Forest & Woodlands
   Upland Aspen Forest
   Subalpine Parkland
   Alpine Grasslands and Shrublands
   Westside Grasslands
   Ceanothus-Manzanita Shrublands
   Western Juniper and Mountain Mahogany Woodlands
   Interior Canyon Shrublands
   Interior Grasslands
   Dwarf Shrub-steppe
   Desert Playa and Salt Scrub
   Open Water
   Herbaceous Wetlands
   Westside Riparian - Wetlands
   Montane Coniferous Wetlands
   Interior Riparian Wetlands
   Coastal Dunes and Beaches
   Coastal Headlands and Islets
   Bays and Estuaries
   Oceanic and Marine Habitats
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Use the tools in the navigation bar at the top of the map to zoom-in and locate a desired Lewis and Clark expedition campsite. Next, enable the Campsite Identification tool () by clicking on it, then click on a campsite to select it. The campsite will be highlighted in green on the map and a new window will open displaying the Lewis and Clark campsite descriptions and journal entries, as well as an analysis of historic and current species and habitats potentially occurring within a 5-mile radius of the selected campsite. Links to additional species information are also included.